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Add your site to search engines using our free search engine submission. If you asked yourself how to promote your site free then submitting your site to a search engine using the 1-Hit Submit service is all you need!

No, we do not submit to NorthernLight & Altavista! Too many free submission services promise you inclusion with sites that don't exist any more , ask payment for inclusion or have included security checks that stop automated submissions for more than 2 years. Some services even claim that it is important to resubmit your site every 2-4 weeks which is absolute nonsense.

Try submitting to these engines free. If you don't see any results in a month submit again. If you still don't see any results in the month after that, you know for sure that your site needs to be optimized. Use the articles, questions and tools on this site to get you started. If you feel you are 'stuck' we would love to help you out. No, that's not free. That's what we do for a living!

We maintain this submission at least bi-weekly, to prevent errors where possible.

In return for the free submission would love you to to put a little button or text link on your web site. It is all we ask in return! If you wish to post a link to the free submission service please choose from one of these link-codes.

At least 5 of these engine require a description and a keywords meta tag, so make sure you have those in your code. The free search engine submission may take up to a minute!

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