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Google Activity Meter - How active is Google?

This google activity alerter shows you if many search engine positions are shifted! This tool compares the results of 3 different Google datacenters. If there are any changes, the results in the three boxes below will be different.A different result in the middle and right window will usually pass through to the normal google index. It its way it is a google search-engine-position-crystal-ball.

Google activity FAQ

Q: What can I do when I see that there is a shift in results?
A: You can do lots of things, but you can`t change the results.

Q: Why is this useful to know?
A: You know a few days in advance that your positions rise or fall. It has the same effect as leaning forward during a footbal game so the light reaches your eyes earlier.

Q: What does an activity of 65% mean? How is activity calculated?
A: The activity is calculated through a complicated secret formula. Rumours indicate that the activity meter increases more when top 3 positions shift, and less when for example result 18 swaps places with result 19. If no changes are detected during a check by a user of this tool, the meter drops.
- 100% activity - There is a lot going on, most results for most search phrases are about to change!
- 50% activity - For some searches the results will change. It is a small update, no major ranking changes.
- 0% activity - For a while there are no changes detected in Google's search engine results

Q: Is this the Google dance?
A: Google used to update its web index every month which, because it caused results to jump around a little, was dubbed the Google Dance. Recently Google has improved its way of processing and indexing the web, Google dances are now something from the past. 'Now we crawl a percentage of the web everyday,' a Google employee states, 'so after a relatively small time frame we hit every page.'

Recent searches:

Search PhraseChange (+/-)Ratio
computer+game+cheats-12 %0 %
mssoft-12 %0 % %0 %
buy+insurance-12 %0 %
bullying-12 %0 %
free+mp3s-12 %0 %
dinner-12 %0 %
restaurants-12 %0 %
need+restarant-12 %0 %
scripts-12 %0 %
microsoft-12 %0 %
shelttany-12 %0 %
handsome+show-12 %0 %
jewelry+boxes-12 %0 %
jewlery+boxes-12 %0 %
reikan-ryu-karate-12 %0 % %0 %
1-hit-12 %0 % %0 % %0 %
ftc-12 %0 % %0 %
dot-to-dot-12 %0 %
document+imaging-12 %0 %
reliance-12 %0 %
server+2003-12 %0 %
mp3-12 %0 %
rumint-12 %0 %
family+heritage-12 %0 %
snooker-12 %0 %
gravestone-12 %0 %


0 %

1-hit Google activity tool