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Keyword Analyzer

Please note: Even though this tool still works fine, we made a more advanced keyword tool in the form of a Magic search engine ranking prophet.

This utility allows you to improve your keywords by generating a keyword string from the contents of your web page. Just cut and paste the contents (not your HTML source) of your site into the following text box and click submit.

Copy your Site Contents into this box

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Improve keywords

How the keyword generator works: From the textual contents of the site a frequency of keywords in your site will be generated, pulling out about 10 one word keywords, six 2 words keywords and three 3 word keyword string. Some common words are excluded from this analysis, but please do not take the results as a perfect solution, some tinkering both with the page content, and the keyword generator string will be required to give you a perfect keyword string. This process is intended to improve keywords by allowing you to see what keywords are most common in your site text and to see if these match the kinds of keywords you want to be targeted within the search engines.

Obviously the more text provided, the better the analysis that will result. Useful: You might want to improve keywords with the Overture keyword suggestion tool.

We are currently examining the keyword green and orange widgets