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Web Monitoring

Web server monitoring is similar to web site monitoring except that it is monitoring for a server. This allows the owner of the server to be aware of changes or problems with the server including when services or impaired or disabled. Web server monitoring can be both internal and external. Internal monitoring involves web monitoring software checks on how the server is operating. External web server monitoring is done by web server monitoring companies. They'll regularly do status checks thus helping to ensure smooth server operation. External monitoring is favorable because of its reliability - it does not require the server to be running in order to operate. So even when your server goes down, monitoring continues.

External web site performance monitoring can provide status updates on a variety of pages - HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, and TCP are just a few. Also, web performance monitoring can occur with any variety of frequencies - from once a minute to once a day. Typically, status updates are done hourly or more often. The process of external web server monitoring essentially involves checks on a number of parameters including analysis of HTTP codes.

The technical aspects of web server monitoring are less important than the benefits it presents. Smooth web site operation is reliant on your server operating optimally. Potential customers or page users want to be able to visit a page that is reliable. They want to know it will always be there and the more often they encounter problems, the less likely they will be to use your site. In addition, if they're trying to make purchases from your site and your server frequently crashes, they will have reservations about the security of your site. Though a crash doesn't necessarily present a security issue, most internet users are ignorant of the implications of server problems. Mostly they're aware that they've attempted to complete a transaction and received no confirmation. Will they receive their product, has their credit card been charged? These are the major concerns of the user.

External web server monitoring is a cost effective way to maintain your server. It can help you anticipate potential problems and fix them before they become major issues. Web monitoring is easy and effective and should be used by all server owners.