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Web Hosting Tools

There are a number of web hosting tools and resources available online. Choosing a web host is dependant on which tools a consumer will find the most useful.

Finding web hosting services can be complicated. There are a large number of hosting companies and services that can be provided and deciding where to get started can be difficult. In order to make the process easier for you, there are a number of companies that provide web hosting tools and resources. First, you need to decide the kind of web hosting services you will need: Windows, Unix/Linux, E-commerce, and Reseller web hosting are just a few of the web hosting categories available.

Windows and Unix web hosting are the most widely available platforms in use today. Applications on Windows and Unix platforms tend to be more user friendly and there are a number of compatible support programs available. Some of the less popular platforms, such as Frontpage and ASP, have much fewer support options so are more suitable for use by experts.

Usually for a small price, you will find web hosting companies that provide not only hosting but free web hosting tools. Some of these tools include website design, spam and virus filtering, domain licensing, and blogging tools. Keep in mind, that the more you pay for web hosting, the more tools will be available. It is important to consider different factors when choosing your web host. For example, an important web hosting reseller tool is enhanced security. If it is likely that you will require money exchange through your host, it is more important to ensure that these transactions are secure. In addition, anybody considering hosting services should remember the importance of virus and spam filters. Protecting the sites on a server from dangerous viruses is a primary concern of any web host.

Technical support is also an important feature to consider. One very useful web hosting tool is 24/7 tech support. Whether you're providing hosting services or looking for a reliable web host, the availability of 24/7 tech support is highly attractive to consumers. Most free web hosting companies do not offer any tech support, much less support all day every day. Consumer satisfaction has become a very critical factor in success and providing 24/7 support will help a web host maintain their customer base.