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Web Hosting Tips & Tools

When you're new to the field of web hosting, all of the information and considerations can be rather overwhelming. This is why it's helpful to have a few web hosting tips and web hosting tools to turn to as you plan, build, and maintain your web site. With a few simple suggestions and pieces of advice, your foray into the web hosting world will be much easier.

At 1-Hit, we want your transition into the online community to be a smooth as possible. Below, you'll find several web hosting tips and tools that we believe will help you in your ventures. These tips cover a variety of topics from startup basics such as securing a domain name to more advanced subjects like how to increase your site's traffic. We hope these web hosting tips and tools will help you and your site on your way to success.

Getting Started

There are a number of web hosting tips that you should keep in mind when planning your web site and looking for a hosting provider.

  • Choose and register a domain name that is both effective and relevant to your site. When it comes to domain names, simple is better because you want customers to be able to remember your site's address.
  • When possible, set up an e-mail account for each staff member. Choose a standard format for naming accounts and stick with it.
  • Consider what features you need prior to choosing a web hosting plan. For example, make sure you know how much bandwidth and disk storage space you'll need as well as the types of database and scripting support you require. This way, you can find a hosting package that meets all of your specific needs.

Increase Traffic

Once your web site is established, you'll probably want to know how you can increase your site's traffic and keep customers coming back. By utilizing a few web hosting tools and following a few tips, you can enjoy excellent results.

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) -- by ensuring that your site is fully compatible with search engines, you'll secure a higher search engine ranking and, therefore, will enjoy increased awareness and increased traffic.
  • Advertise your site, products, and services. This can be done in numerous ways. Some great ways to advertise your site include banner advertisements, holding contests, and distributing online newsletters.
  • Build up external links to your site. Whether you do this through link exchanges or by creating links to your site in news items, blogs, or community forms, quality and relevant external links will attract more targeted traffic to your site and improve your search engine ranking.
  • Always keep your site's content current. Stale and outdated information may prevent customers from returning to your site.
  • Make sure your site's content is customer-oriented. Conduct research to ensure that you understand the needs and preferences of your customer base so that your site will attract and appeal to targeted visitors.

Free Web Hosting Tools

Making use of free web hosting tools is a great way to add extra features to your site without breaking your budget. Many such tools are available online, especially for hosting plans that support MySQL and PHP. These free web hosting tools allow you to add on features such as blogs, FAQ builders, and much more.