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Web Hosting

Simply put, web hosting is a service in which a company that owns a server allows organizations or individuals to have access to that server in order to build a website, for example. Web hosts can also provide internet access. There are actually a vast number of services available from web hosts. In addition, there are a vast number of organizations that provide these web hosting services. Web hosting is, in fact, a diverse array of web services that allow users access to a server with varying degrees of control and responsibility. Ultimately, web hosts provide users with server space to build their own website or access to the internet.

One example of a web hosting service is free webhosting. This is totally free but is sometimes paid for by advertisements and has less flexibility than paid website hosting. Shared webhosting is an example of a service that comes with a cost. In this case, one server is shared by many sites, as many as hundreds or thousands and the resources of the server are shared. A virtual dedicated server is similar to shared domain hosting in that the server is shared, but it is segregated into virtual servers so resources are not shared.

It is possible for a client to have their own server so that resources are their own and they can be more confident of efficient website operation. With a dedicated web hosting service, a user has their own server and full access and control. For Linux users, they have full root access and Windows users are ensured administrator access. Usually, the user essentially rents the server but is responsible for security and maintenance. Unlike with a dedicated host service, managed hosting services do not allow the user root access or administrator access. The user still has their own server but is not fully responsible for security or maintenance. The list of webhosting services goes on. There is file hosting, image hosting, video hosting, blog hosting and more.

Website hosting services can be found via internet searches along with a vast number of companies to provide these services. Look for message boards or testimonials that provide feedback on which services different companies offer as well as to what degree they are qualified and competent to perform these services.