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Text Link Advertising

Text link advertising can help direct traffic to your site.

One form of winning traffic to your web-site is through text link advertising. A text link is the site owner's technique for improving rankings on a search engine's results page. The paid transactions run between webmasters who want to boost rankings.

When selecting a text link ad for your site, consider the following factors. If in the form of a single page ad, the text ad usually is placed on a home page. If considering a run of site ads, the text ad appears through all pages. The site's number of indexed back links also plays a role.

The content of the text link ad should incorporate the exact keywords to be tied in with their rank. These targeted words would normally appear in the title area. The optimum type of text links ads should appear in the middle of an article. This placement is viewed as organic and relevant. This type of ad fits more inconspicuously than the graphic advertizing banner that might be blocked in some programs. Avoid placement at the bottom of web pages.

To set the ball rolling on placing text links ads, advertisers can contact site owners or a list of text link ad brokers. A broker is like a matchmaker between the seller and buyer. Text link brokers want to accept sites of great quality. Poor quality or spam has no business with them. Brokers want their inventory to pass scrutiny. Advertisers may bid on a link or purchase on a monthly or annual plan. Placing one-way links can help boost search engine rankings.

The webmaster should promote static text ads to sites of high quality content. Over time, valued sites will link to other relevant sites. Be sure to research the host site. The site should not employ a tracking code on the link that could identify commercial links. Check if the site includes those targeted words. Know those keywords that have rankings. Think of relevancy.

Successful text link advertising brings valued visitors to your site. With new or ongoing relationships with visitors, site owners may look forward to a healthy return on investment.