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SEO Tips

There are many tricks to increase readership and traffic to a webpage via search engine optimization. Here are some general search engine optimization tips:

Keywords: keyword density, or the number of keywords contained in a fixed amount of text, is one of the ways for search engines to determine the relevancy of a webpage. Generally speaking webpages must hit a certain density for it to be qualified as a result. However, too many keywords will be considered as spamming, and will disqualify the page from the search results.

Inbound links: the number of links from other website or webpages to page A will be considered "points" for page A, and the more points the more probable that page A will be considered a relevant result. As with keywords, overabundance of inbound links will be considered spamming.

Original content: many sites were created simply by copying contents from other websites, in order to use the already established keywords or links to improve its own ranking. Many search engines have therefore improved their algorithms to recognize plagiarized contents, in order to provide web users with more relevant and up-to-date information.

Readability: in the beginning of search engines, many attempts to increase a page's ranking were little more than computer-generated gibberish with keywords inserted. Modern search engines check for grammar and spelling of the content to make sure that it is original and readable. One important SEO tip is that search engine algorithms are tailored to create human user-friendly results, so if a webpage is human user-friendly, it is more likely to rank high.

There are other, more advanced SEO tips that involve more of the internal mechanisms used by a search engine. Webpages are automatically indexed by programs called "spiders", and it is possible to direct the spiders to specific parts of the webpage, or to block certain areas. Another SEO tip is that certain search engines, such as Yahoo!, offer a paid service to guarantee inclusion in their database. There are also paid placement services, most notable example being Google AdWords. Many search engines are now offering information on search engine optimization tips and guidelines to help webmasters whose sites are not being indexed properly.