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Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago, officially Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, republic (1995 est. pop. 1,217,000), 1,980 sq mi (5,129 sq km), West Indies. The capital is Port of Spain.The country consists of two islands: Trinidad (1,864 sq mi/4,828 sq km) and Tobago (116 sq mi/300 sq km). Lying just north of the Orinoco River delta in Venezuela, Trinidad is largely flat or undulating except for a range of low mountains (the highest point is Mt. Aripo, 3,085 ft/940 m) in the north. Pitch Lake, in the southwest, is the world's largest (114 acres/46 hectares) basin of natural asphalt. Tobago, just NE of Trinidad, is the exposed top of a mountain ridge (maximum height 2,000 ft/610 m) that is densely forested with large reserves of hardwoods. The climate of both islands is warm and humid, and rainfall (from June to Dec.) is abundant, particularly where the trade winds sweep in over the eastern coasts.

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