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Search Engines

Welcome to the new search engines directory ! We made some changes that will make it a lot easier to browse through the search engines. We added 'thumbnail images' of the search engines as well as the title and a brief description instead of just listing the url itself. Further, when you click on a search engine, a browser bar will show up with related search engines so you don't have to click the back button each time.

Good links with useful search engines info:

From the Library-University of California, Berkeley:

The BEST Search Engines
How do search engines work?
Beyond General World Wide Web Searching

  • About Web Search - Jennifer Laycock's guide to search and search engine optimization, with a directory of search tools, news, articles, reviews, and glossary.
  • Age of Dot Com - Links to search resources including start pages, integrated search forms, portals, engines, guides, and directories. Offers both a simple links page and a directory with descriptions and ratings.
  • Aleph Search - A directory of directories. Links to selected information rich web resources, both unspecialised and specialised, with a strong emphasis on United Kingdom based sites.
  • All Search Engines - Lists all major search engines and hundreds of other related services by category.
  • Beaucoup - A directory listing thousands of search services includes engines, directories, and indices, with descriptions and metasearch tool powered by Findtarget.
  • Big Search Engine Index - Directory listing hundreds of search engines, categorized, described and rated.
  • Complete Planet - Directory of databases and specialty search engines from Bright Planet.
  • Direct Search - Gary Price's compilation of links to the search interfaces of resources that contain data not easily or entirely searchable/accessible from general search tools.
  • Fetchfido - A graphical interface of links to search engines. Multi-layered, with universal, United Kingdom, United States, European and worldwide sections.
  • FinderSeeker - Find the search engine you want by selecting a thematical category and/or country, or search by keyword.
  • Fossick - Provides links to search engines on many topics, together with metasearch from Curryguide.
  • FTP Search Engines - Rated links to ftp and mp3 search sites.
  • Geniusfind - Categorizes thousands of the most useful topic-specific directories and databases, with descriptions.
  • Indexing the Internet - An essay by John Hubbard analyzing the question of what is the best way to index the Internet, with references.
  • ISEDB - A directory of search engines and directories worldwide, organized by geographical area and subject, includes articles on site submission, marketing, and optimization.
  • Navigator - The starting point that New York Times reporters and editors use for their explorations of the Web. A straightforward list of some of the best sources on the Web for all types of information.
  • Search Ability - A guide to directories of specialized search engines. Each directory is reviewed and classified in some detail.
  • Search Engine Colossus - Directory of hundreds of search engines, organised by country and topic.
  • Search Engine Guide - A directory of thousands of general and specialty search engines, together with news and newsletter archives on searching and search engine marketing.
  • Search Engine Relationship Chart - Bruce Clay's pictoral view of how search engines provide data to partner engines and directories. Requires Acrobat Reader.
  • Search Engine Showdown - A user's guide to Web searching with features, comparative analysis, strategies, discussion, news and reviews.
  • Search Engines News - - News on the search engine industry continually updated from thousands of sources around the net.
  • Search Engines Worldwide - Search engines sorted by geographical location.
  • Search Tools for Web Sites and Intranets - Provides information, news and advice about web site searching technology. Includes a guide, search tools list, glossary, and opportunity to compare searches of its own site by different tools. Offers a free monthly email newsletter.
  • Searchenginez - Search forms for the most effective engines in dozens of categories from Robert Skelton. Includes reviews, ratings, webmaster tools, and tutorials.
  • Those Dark Hiding Places: The Invisible Web Revealed - Librarian Robert J. Lackie provides annotated links to directories, searchable sites, databases, and search engines useful for uncovering content that the general search engines fail to disclose.
  • The Ultimate Search Engine Links Page - A directory of search engines: general, metasearch, pay-per-click, children's, subject, country and people search. All are described and can be rated.