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Search Engine Traffic

Understanding search engine traffic can help refine your web-site to its potential.

The web-site owner needs a high quality site with relevant and unique content to help increase search engine traffic. Yet the owner must also understand the behaviour of his visitors or target audience. How will the visitor and potential customer locate the site via the search engine?

The web-site should include a few basic, but important guidelines to make the site friendly to the search engine and help increase search engine traffic. Keep the text brief. Include keywords and key phrases in the content. The title and meta tags need enough description to influence the rankings. Each search phrase should appear on a separate web page and together on the crawler page.

The crawler page located at the top of the site provides a list of URLs. These crawler pages attract the web crawler or spider with the result that the search engine can sift through each crawl tree.

By knowing which search engine directs the most traffic to your site, you will know where you can keep the momentum going. Do not just keep a passive role in a dynamic cyber world. Consider developing more pages and tweaking relevant keyword phrases. If your site receives little traffic, think of other strategies to let the world find you.

A valuable tool in the quest to increase search engine traffic involves the referrer log. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) can provide this log that helps you analyze traffic flow. The referrer log can show details such as which engines pick up your site, keywords, user profile by region, average length of visit, least requested pages, and a summary. By learning weaknesses, then you can take steps to turn them into strengths.

Understanding the behaviour of your valued visitors is key. Consider that your visitors want to click on your pages that are most relevant to their needs. Make this process easier for them by supplying titles that include the search terms and a carefully worded abstract or description that can hook the visitor into spending time on your web-site. While the search engine provides lists and rankings, the human visitor and his needs are the critical traffic that will partner with your goals and business.