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Real Estate Web Design

Real estate website design comes with a unique set of challenges and any agent wanting to build a site should consider either hiring a real estate website design firm or purchasing web design software to help in this process. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, so one should carefully consider their needs before making a decision.

Expanding the market of your real estate company can be facilitated by having a smartly designed website. Special considerations need to be made to create an effective real estate website design in order to convert site visitors into real estate leads and ultimately sales. There are plenty of real estate agent web design firms that can take the stress of building your site out of your hands while working with you to make sure all the elements you desire are included.

Some common real estate web page design features include email lead notification, leads management and leads export, featured listings where photos can be uploaded, a mortgage calculator, relocation help tools for generating leads, property search, buyer's hotlist, and many more. Not only are there professional firms that will work hand in hand with real estate agents to customize their site, but there is professional software that is available to do the very same. The advantage of purchasing a software package, rather than hiring a professional, is cost. If you decide to take the route of hiring a firm to build your site for you, you will likely see professional results and will certainly be happy with your final page. However, this route tends to be costly and if you amend your web page vision over time your costs will likely increase. With a software package however, you're given a number of simple choices that allow you to customize your page. If your vision changes, you can easily make adjustments to your site using the software package. All this comes at a fixed price. Buy the software for a one time fee and so long as you're still using the same package you can make as many changes to your real estate website design as you like.

Of course, you lose some of the flexibility you would normally have if you were working with a firm. A software package will have a limited number of design elements that you must be willing to accept. A real estate web design firm should bend to meet your needs and expectations and should be willing to design whichever elements you deem most important.