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Press Releases

You're interested in selling products and services, not making the news; so why worry about press releases, right? Wrong! Press releases are actually invaluable tools with respect to increasing sales and profits. When created and distributed in the right way, a press release has the ability to drive targeted traffic to your site and greatly increase brand awareness.

At 1-Hit, we understand the incredible potential of press releases with regards to boosting a web site's success. Our team of experienced specialists can help you write and distribute quality press releases so that you can enjoy outstanding results. With 1-Hit's help, you'll soon be experiencing increased profits and maximized SEO.

Why Press Releases?

Although at first thought press releases may not seem like the best tool for selling more products, they can actually provide a very helpful and profitable strategy. Online press releases can be distributed incredibly quickly to a very broad audience. Other relevant web sites will see your press release and establish a link to it within their own site. This means that you'll build up external links, which is great for your site's search engine optimization.

The wide and rapid distribution of press releases along with the increased brand awareness and boosted search engine rankings that they give rise to will bring more targeted traffic to your site and lead to increased profits. With such a wealth of potential rewards, press releases should not be overlooked.

1-Hit's Press Release Services

1-Hit's team of experts will help you get the most out of your site's press releases. Our writers know the proper press release format and understand how to create the most impact and generate the best results with online news items.

We can help you write and distribute top-quality press releases that will grab the attention of potential customers and increase your presence and credibility in the online community. 1-Hit's professional press release services are comprehensive and effective. So for greater brand awareness, maximized SEO, and increased targeted traffic, be sure to take advantage of 1-Hit's first-rate press release services.