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Picture Search Engines

Picture search engines can open the paint box to a bigger world of images.

With millions of images, photographs and illustrations available on the Web, the right winnowing tool is a picture search engine. Like other varieties of search engines, this one can help the user find a certain visual item quickly and efficiently.

When starting a search for just the right image, keep in mind what keyword or key phrase should go in the search box. Web-site owners need to plant their keywords or key phrases in image titles or descriptions so viewers can find them on the results page.

Picture search engines can offer an image directory. With a click on a category, the user can link to diverse topics such as cars, TV series, health and much more. Other search engines might specialize in news and blogs, photosharing or stock photography. Exploring the world or watching a microscopic specimen captured in a brief slice of time are all possible by navigating the Web with the assistance of a search engine. Some image search engines include a chance to create an on-line photo album.

Like the variety of languages or spoken codes around the world, computer image formats can include the popular GIF, JPEG and PNG or other graphic data formats. Understanding what formats are suited for which specific application, whether a web-site or an email attachment, can save time and streamline the process.

A web-site that offers images will spell out its copyright notice. Take the time to understand the usage/rights information on the images. A thumbnail image found via the picture search engine's results can link to the source or original site where the larger or original image is located. While some engines link to sites that offer free images, be aware if commercial use is prohibited. Contact the person directly for permission or verification. Respecting usage and copyright now can save a lot of grief and perhaps expenses later.

Let the best picture search engine be your gateway to an enriched world of visual experience.