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Marketing Tools

Knowing what marketing tools are available can help attract web-site traffic. Marketing tools are an important part of the marketing campaign.

Different marketing tools that use the Internet can prove very cost effective and efficient. An email marketing tool can bring many benefits to the client. For the real estate industry, a real estate marketing tool that includes software is a great way to have a website well-positioned on the search results page. Another marketing tool is viral marketing where customers takes the tell-a-friend approach and applies it to the Internet.

An effective direct email marketing tool brings measurable results. By applying software, the client can use an affordable tool that makes communication more streamlined and garners new business. This marketing communication offers many positive features. This tool can create and send a marketing campaign, track and manage lists. With the flexibility, clients can contact customers anytime. The client can schedule email delivery. A custom approach allows the client to include the customer's name on the subject line for a more personal effect. This marketing tool offers convenience for the customer, who can respond on his own time. This inexpensive tool gives measured results, tracks the number of customers and quantifies the return on investment.

A very effective real estate marketing tool uses the Internet. A high quality web-site with keyword phrases that match the customer's can be well-positioned on the search engine. Through the Web, clients can seek residential and commercial real estate brokers. The software can offer a listing promo, postcard, seller literature and buyer literature.

The traditional tell-a-friend approach that helped pass on a positive image about a product or company has a more contemporary approach through the Internet. Viral marketing prompts customers to spread the word on the Internet. In this marketing tool, the product is an essential part of the communication between two customers. Customers can interact, whether through the buying or selling end, such as through an on-line auction. When given a tool such as a pre-written email copy or postcard, the customer can simply forward the message to his correspondents.

When applied wisely, the marketing tool can be a successful component in the on-going marketing campaign.