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Marketing Info

Marketing is a complex yet vital research that helps a company succeed. Understanding ideas, concepts and guidelines can bring that product or service to the valued consumer.

An effective marketing campaign can engage potential consumers and drive them to the product. A logical approach can help understand consumer behaviour and his needs and benefits. The social sciences can bring an educated approach to marketing via economics, psychology and sociology. Marketing research sheds light on what consumers want and the price they are willing to pay.

An example of consumer research that involves direct interaction with potential consumers is the focus group. For example, if a pizza company wanted to introduce a new kind of crust, then the focus group participants could sample the crust and write an evaluation. The evaluation may include ranking the crust in terms of flavour, texture, aftertaste, etc. Positioning involves the product's success and the consumer's response to that product.

On-line marketing uses the Internet and employs its technical and creative aspects. Understanding the concepts of design, development and the more creative area of advertising can effect sales. As part of the realm of electronic commerce, on-line marketing has the benefit of low costs associated with distributing information and media to the Web's audience. Consumers who love interacting with a computer and web-sites account for a great deal of on-line purchases.

The company that includes on-line marketing in its campaign can benefit from the available information, the low costs, and the ability to track. Increased accountability is in the company's favor.

On-line marketing has its own problems. If a company creates a complex and large web-site, the consumer may feel frustrated from downloading or accessing such a site. How to direct traffic to the site is another issue. Unless the consumer has previous knowledge of that company through other media, such as print, TV or radio, he may not feel prompted to look up the web-site.

Understanding how the consumer behaves and what benefits he wants from a product are all part of the complex game of marketing. A wise business marketing strategy is just one of the factors that can convince the consumer to make that valued purchasing decision.