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Link Exchange

A link exchange can mutually help web-sites increase their rankings on a search engine result page.

In the constantly dynamic on-line world, web-site owners need tactics to increase traffic to their sites and boost search engine optimization. A link exchange can be part of this campaign strategy. As a vehicle for direct marketing, the reciprocal link exchange offers the benefit of improved placement in search engine rankings.

Site owners can consider two main directory types: free link exchange and paid directory. A free link exchange gives the webmaster control as he manually adds each web-site. By accessing a free directory, you can find a link partner from the site listings in a cost effective manner. The free link exchange site can also offer tools for keyword research and keyword competitors. With a paid directory, the program may be more efficient, but software may be required.

A web-site with many inbound links can attract the search engine that assesses the site's importance. High quality web content and industry relevance are vital considerations in the reciprocal link exchange between complementary sites.

To prepare for the link exchange, research what your own site offers as a site theme or title. Write one or two keywords or short key phrase. Create a site description of under 150 words that includes your important keywords. Develop a record of requests and submissions to avoid duplication. Know the page rankings of the other site. When scouting for another web-site, take a look at its links page or partners page indicated at the bottom of the web page. This page will connect you with the web master.

Write the web master a polite letter that offers an invitation. Include your URL, title and URL of the web page for inclusion in the exchange. Thank the webmaster who accepts your invitation.

Another avenue to approach is a webmaster's discussion board. Search for link forums or link exchange directories. Respect the webmaster as a gatekeeper who can grant entry to a high traffic sector in your niche. A reciprocal link exchange can offer an invaluable tool for your SEO campaign.