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Graphic Design

The graphic design industry as it relates to marketing is a rapidly growing industry. Since most companies rely on graphic design in their marketing strategy, there are more and more jobs available in the industry as well as opportunities to learn graphic design and graphic design software.

Have you ever looked at a company logo and wondered how it came into being? Was it part of a broader vision or was it developed specifically for the company it represents? In most cases, major corporations employ a graphic designer to create their company logo for them. As branding has become more and more commonplace, graphic design as an industry has followed. As a result of the jobs available in the graphic design industry, many schools have devoted themselves to offering graphic design training.

Graphic design jobs, in fact, have become plentiful and the options available to graphic designers are too numerous to count. The graphic design industry is such that it blends well into any industry. Small companies will often contract graphic designers, who can work from home, to develop a company scheme, brand, or logo. Large companies may even have an in-house graphic design team that handles all their marketing materials - from their website to pamphlets, posters, and advertisements. Graphic design has become so prominent that you'd be hard pressed to go through a day without seeing the work of a graphic designer. The cover of your favourite book, the different fonts in a word processor, and the design of a cereal box are all examples of a graphic designers work.

Becoming a graphic designer requires an innate artistic ability as well as a talent with computers. Graphic design software is usually very specific to graphic designing and takes time, and sometimes money, to learn. Community colleges and vocational schools often have courses dedicated to learning graphic design and their primary focus tends to be teaching students to use the industry leading software programs. While free graphic design software is available online, it is usually slower and limited in its abilities. Anybody seriously considering a career in graphic design should carefully research the software available so as not to waste their time or money. Graphic design today is almost always done strictly on computers so choosing the right software is critical.

In recent years we have seen the importance of company image grow and as a result marketing and graphic design have become prosperous industries. As one would expect, in response to the growth of these industries workplace and educational opportunities have also prospered.