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Email Advertising

Email advertising is a common form of online marketing that is cheap and reaches a vast audience. Examples of email advertising are bulk email and opt-in email.

Many new businesses are trying to find new and unique ways to market their company or product. Though the internet and email has been around for nearly two decades, many organizations will never contemplate the power of targeted email advertising. This might seem shocking to some considering you have been able to hire an email advertising company for years. Such companies focus on ways to use email ads to either maintain relationships with existing customers or to attract new customers.

The breadth of advertising email available is quite astonishing really. There are literally thousands of cost-effective email advertising services available at a fraction of what traditional ad campaigns can cost. However, email advertising is not only cheap but it can easily reach a massive audience. Even when compared to other forms of online advertising, like banner advertising, email campaigns are exceptionally cheap and are therefore ideal for small or new companies just breaking into a market.

An email advertising service might be an excellent option for you and a couple of examples of such services include bulk email advertising and opt-in email advertising. Bulk email advertising involves sending emails with your ad or message to very large numbers of email users. You might choose to use bulk email because it is a very inexpensive way to advertise your product to thousands or millions of people. Bulk email can also be highly targeted to individuals that find your product the most relevant and useful.

Opt-in email advertising is used when someone is given the choice to receive bulk email and these people usually belong to some sort of mailing list. The advantage of opt-in email advertising is that because an individual agrees to receive the bulk emails, the emails themselves are less likely to be blocked as spam. If an organization is concerned that their bulk email advertising campaign will not be successful because of spam blockers, then an opt-in emailing campaign is a very viable alternative.

Certainly, the internet has lead to the development of many new marketing techniques and for organizations that have traditionally overlooked the potential for advertising online, email advertising might be a good way to break into this new, or more accurately put, newer marketing strategy.