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CPC Advertising

Internet advertising is a popular and important form of marketing that is becoming vital to the development of an effective marketing strategy. Banner ads, email advertising, ad auctions, link advertising and cost per click (CPC) advertising are all excellent tools for marketing a new product or service.

Developing a marketing strategy includes defining your budget and researching the kinds of advertising available to you. Many companies will target their local economy by hiring an ad agency to cultivate a strategy that includes direct mailing campaigns, telemarketing, and television or radio ads. Though these are the traditional methods utilized during an advertising campaign, online advertising has become extremely popular as it is cheap and effective. Furthermore, in recent years it has been shown that online advertising has accelerated the branding processes in such a way that any effective marketing strategy absolutely must include online components.

Some examples of online advertising include banner ads, email advertising, ad auctions, and text link advertising. Banner ads and text link ads are those ads you often see at the top, bottom, and sides of a web page. Usually, these ads are targeted to a specific audience who would be viewing a page with specific content. Email advertising operates in a number of ways. Most commonly, advertisers purchases lists with contact details for a variety of email users and then develop a standard email to send to every individual in the list. Email advertising can also be used to maintain contact with established customers in order that they don't forget the products and services your company has provided in the past and will continue to provide. Finally, ad auctions allow advertisers to bid for advertising space on popular websites. Although this can often lead to bloated advertising costs, good deals are often available, especially on sites that are just becoming popular.

In addition to these kinds of online advertising, one can also consider cost per click advertising. The idea here is that advertisers pay on a cost per click basis. CPC advertising can be very affordable and will also give advertisers and indication of how effective their advertising has been. Since CPC requires that advertisers only pay when their ad has been "clicked" advertisers can be sure that they're not paying for an ad that is not drawing traffic to their site. And CPC advertising allows you to choose the sites that are most relevant to the nature of your company. Television advertising, for example, reaches a wide audience with varying interests and reasons for watching. CPC advertising, however, targets a specific audience based on the kinds of internet browsing being done.