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Corporate Branding

Corporate branding involves a long-term vision and relates how the company builds customer loyalty. Communications will aim to present a unified message to the customer.

A brand takes into account the customer relationship that includes promises, experiences and performance. Corporate branding is the sum of these customer experiences and perceptions with the company. Building trust is vital for customer loyalty and business success. A corporate branding strategy includes a strong image of how the customer views the company. A successful corporate branding strategy may enjoy an increase in sales.

Corporate branding includes adapting internal and external communications to present a single message. The logo, for example, would appear on business cards, stationery, packaging, etc. If the company already has a positive image in the eyes of the target market, this strategy is quite useful. A long-term relationship with the customer builds as trusts the brand and responds to its new products and services.

Corporate internet branding uses the Internet as a tool to develop customer loyalty and on-line recognition. Although personal contact is missing from the customer relationship, the on-line experience can still be quite positive. Corporate internet branding includes the corporate image, the corporate culture and customer experience. The customer needs a quick loading website with easy navigation that can include a site map and query search.

A recognizable and memorable logo should appear on each web page to help develop corporate internet branding. The web-site's high quality content must be of use and of value to the customer. The consistent, streamlined design should hook the visitor to want to return to the site repeatedly. The site needs to include contact information that includes a telephone number, address, email address, etc. An FAQ section can give quick answers to common questions. This FAQ allows the customer who is reluctant to be put "on hold" in the telephone line-up to access information conveniently 24 hours a day. An email newsletter offers a paperless and inexpensive way of including more visual representation of the company.

A successful corporate branding strategy can help build brand equity, a highly valuable asset to your company.