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Co-location Web Hosting

Colocation web hosting is a type of hosting service wherein you own your server, known as a colo server, and the hosting company provides physical server space and maintains the server. Collocation is the premier form of web hosting because it is the most powerful, while also being the most expensive. Typically, the web hosting provider gives little in the way of support, instead giving electrical service, storage, and internet access. A private administrator would be required for security and hardware upgrades.

Discount colocation web hosting is available and an online search will result in a variety of options. Discount services are usually less flexible and offer the fewest tools to help you operate your hosting service. A collocation centre is essentially a data centre where many users acquire network access, server space, and storage. In colocation web hosting it is possible for multiple customers to interact with other networks both easily and cheaply. Indeed, colocation centers are becoming very popular because of their ability to save you money. Typically, several large organizations can benefit from colocation even just from savings in energy and mechanical costs - collocation sites tend to be massive facilities requiring costly maintenance and upkeep. Large telecommunications firms, for example, can focus on their industry by sharing the responsibility of colocation maintenance.

As you can clearly see, colocation web hosting is not really designed for small business or individual users. Rather than researching discount colocation web hosting, small business owners should look into free web hosting or shared web hosting. Free web hosting is supported commercially so depending on your needs you may want to consider other options. If however, you are happy with providing advertising space in exchange for web hosting, this is a very attractive alternative. A shared webhosting service allows many users to share the same server space as well as server resources. The benefits of shared web hosting is cost. It is likely the cheapest, paid web hosting service. On the other hand, shared hosting offers less memory and speed so bigger companies would probably want to investigate a dedicated hosting service.

Colocation hosting is indeed very appealing because it is so powerful. It is also very expensive. Depending on the size of your organization you'll want to weigh the costs against the services you require and may want to choose an alternative like free or shared web hosting.