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Branding Info

Branding has become the cornerstone of the modern era and relies on the premise that when consumers recognize a brand, they will be more likely to purchase that brand. The power of branding can be seen in the examples of Nike, Coca Cola, and McDonald's.

Consider the brands of NikeTM, Coca ColaTM, or McDonald'sTM. They're seen everywhere in the world. In fact, it's even been said that the Golden Arches of the McDonald's brand is more recognizable worldwide than the Christian cross. When you consider this, you realize the unbelievable power of branding. Brand names have, in fact, become so important that all companies worldwide, regardless of the products or services they provide, spend their valuable time and money on developing a brand and a brand marketing strategy. Social services and non-profit organizations even understand the importance of branding.

So why is brand marketing so crucial? Simply put, brands make products, services, and companies more visible. And advertising, in combination with branding can be a very successful marketing tool. Ideally, consumers will start to associate brands with quality and thus will be more likely to select brand names over products they've never heard of. I'm sure, if you think about it, you can even come up with some instances when you've let company branding and even internet branding decide which product or service you're more likely to select. If you're in the grocery store, for example, and you're trying to decide what kind of soup to buy, you'll probably agree that you're more likely to choose the soups with the brand names you remember. You can even see this trend on the internet. For example, when selecting a search engine to use wouldn't you be more likely to choose one with internet branding that you recognize?

In today's society, marketing and branding go hand-in-hand. In fact, one might even say the purpose of marketing is to spread the brand. The main objects of this process are recognizability and familiarity. Companies like NikeTM, Coca ColaTM, and McDonald'sTM work tirelessly with their brand building and at maintaining the quality of their brand. And these companies are perfect examples of how branding can shape the success of an organization. Their recognizability is unquestionable as is the fact that consumers often choose their products for no reason other than the fact that they know them, and know them well.