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Brand Identity

Brand identity helps a company jostle for space in the marketplace and in the consumer's mind. A company's brand identity can help set the scene for maintaining brand loyalty.

From a company's point of view, brand identity can translate its aspirations. Brand identity can encapsulate a promise, whether of a product's superb quality, service support or other benefits. Brand identity helps the consumer jog his memory about perhaps positive experiences with that company and makes him a repeat customer.

Brand identity design involves both creative and practical approaches. This marketing strategy allows the company to have visual representation through its brand or identity. A company's brand identity physically appears on marketing communication, internal and external, as a logo or signage on marketing tools: business cards, promotional items, packaging, stationery, media advertising, etc. This visual element presents itself to the consumer and serves to show how the company or brand should be seen.

Designing brand identity should include a team: designer, marketer and upper management. These three roles work with perception, process and practice. The brand image presents a position in the consumer's mind. This marketing strategy can incorporate different visual aspects of the company. Together they make their brand recognizable on marketing tools such as a web-site. Even a fridge magnet with a memorable logo can attract different generations in the kitchen.

A brand designer's role involves expressing a client's key message through a combination of words and images. Later, he needs to think of innovative ways to express this message, such as by modernizing a visual image by updating the logo or typography. His mission will let the valued consumer know that the company cares about how it presents itself. Updating the brand to make it fresh, appealing and effective can help maintain brand loyalty.

Establishing brand loyalty is a benefit of brand identity. Hooking customers to purchase again and again requires the company to remain focused on the customer. Successful brand identity design can help the customer remember the company for years to come. As a marketing tool, brand identity helps brings the company's vision in line with the discerning customer's image of what the company represents in his mind.