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Banner Design

Banner ad design has become an important marketing tool. Anybody can design an effective banner ad by focusing on the key elements of a good ad: style, content, and attractiveness.

The elements of a compelling banner ad design are difficult to define but include style (colour, size, and layout), content (the message and language of your ad), and its attractiveness. They key to a good banner design is its ability to attract the attention of a consumer and its ability to encourage a consumer to click on the ad. A banner ad usually appears at the top, bottom, or along the sides of a web page and, of course, the best websites on which to by banner ad space are the most popular ones.

To design a banner, one must first consider the style of the banner. What colours should be used? What is the size of the banner ad? What is the layout? Ideally, a banner ad should jump out of a page and draw the consumer's eye. But banner ads should be kept relatively simple. Complex designs and layouts can be confusing and off-putting making it less likely that a potential customer will be directed to your web site. A banner with a simple, elegant style and a well crafted message will encourage web surfers to click on that ad and visit your site.

Another important element of a banner ad is content. The message of the ad should reflect the products and services of your company but should also be catchy. A good catch phrase, easily visible on the ad itself, can help to implant your company name, logo, and services into a consumer's mind. As a result, when they are thinking about making a purchase they will be more likely to remember your catch phrase and consequently, your product. The language of your message is also influential so be sure to use positive, non-threatening, consumer focused language.

For those trying to develop their first ad, free banner design tips can be found by surfing the web and seeing what banner ads you find appealing. Make notes of the colours that are most likely to draw your attention, the types of message you find easiest to understand and most compelling, the location on the page of an ad that is most likely to interest you, and any other elements that you find effective. Banner ad design is not something that needs to be left to professional marketing experts or graphic designers. With a quick study of banner ads, anybody can design an attractive ad.