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Banner Advertising

Banner advertising is an online marketing tool that allows companies to buy ad space on a website for a banner. There are various types, including pay per click banner advertising, and tends to be cheap, easy, and effective.

Banner advertising on the internet is an excellent marketing tool that is available to all companies small and large. With the popularity of the internet, many companies are looking to expand their marketing strategy to include different kinds of internet advertising. Web banner advertising is becoming a common way for companies to either break-into online advertising or to extend upon their already valuable online marketing approach. One specific example of internet banner advertising is pay per click banner advertising.

Just as it sounds, pay per click banner advertising involves an advertiser paying each time a potential customer clicks on their banner ad. This can be a cost-effective way for a company with a small budget to begin to market itself, its products, and its services. Pay per click banner advertising ensures that a company is only paying when quality traffic is being directed to its site. Quality traffic is ensured because advertisers choose to only advertise on sites where content is specific to the kinds of services that are offered.

Typically however, one should expect banner advertising rates to vary depending on the popularity and desirability of ad space on a particular website. Sites that garner more traffic will usually have higher banner advertising rates. Some sites however, will offer free banner advertising where banner ads can be placed for free under special circumstances. Free banner ads are often available to non-profit organizations that have a very limited budget for advertising but still need to draw attention to the services they provide.

Internet banner advertising can be a very effective way of marketing your company. The internet reaches a vast, worldwide audience that is unparalled by other media. A well developed banner ad that is appealing to the eye can be an excellent money maker for any company. Regardless of the profile, size, or nature of an establishment, internet advertising has very quickly become the norm in the marketing world. It is no longer a medium that can be overlooked or seen as less valuable than television or print ads. Especially if your company is just starting out, banner ads are an ideal way of attracting new customers.