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Search Engine Simulator

Spiders are programs that get your web site indexed in search engine databases. Spiders, or crawlers, are used by search engines like Google and Yahoo. Basically all your pages should be visible to crawlers, or they will not be listed.

Do search engines see my pages?

Enter the site you want to see in a search engine spider view

The search engine spider simulator checks if your site can be spidered by search engines. It will give you an idea how search engine see your page, and give you additional comments and suggestions in case it found a problem related to the spidering of your site.

This free spider emulator will show you

  1. what your listing may look like in the search engine results.
  2. what your page looks like in the eyes of a search engine spider.
  3. A summary of your links and if they can be seen and indexed by search engines
  4. A check on scripts, styles, meta tags, images, frames or no frames, imagemaps etc.

Just type in the url, like, and the tool will tell you your 'search engine friendliness'!