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Load Time Analyzer

Optimizing your web page loading time is essential for keeping your visitors. If your pages load time is too long due to un-optimized images, people simply leave your site before it is loaded! This way, you might miss out many sales.

We optimized shops that took over 3 (!) minutes to load on a standard 56k modem. Obviously, these shops didn't have many clients.

Check your loading time

RED: Not acceptable, people will leave your site before it is finished loading

ORANGE: Not acceptable, Some images take too long to load, causing your visitors to leave your site

YELLOW: Almost acceptable, but not good enough for the majority of the -not-so-patient clients.

GREEN: Your site loads in 10 seconds or less. You might want to improve this even more, but it is not strictly necessary.

|| 3.0 sec.
|| 3.2 sec.
|| 3.3 sec.
||||| 9.1 sec.
||||| 10.4 sec.
|||||| 11.3 sec.
||||||||||| 22.0 sec.
|||||||||||| 31.5 sec.
|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 60.1 sec.

For the geeky webmasters:

This tool adds up all files included in your page. (the original file plus the size of .js, .css, .swf and images) The time calculated is an average time (4.35kb/sec)

The web site load tester doesn't look at server speeds, server location, server load and of course the users PC speed. A site using JavaScripts, background music, flash or other multimedia applications can easily delay the experienced loading time by a minute!

Ping enthousiast should read "The Ping Fallacy", Ping is a useful tool, but not for measuring internet speed. You also might want to try this quick ping speed test from Houston, TX.