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Broken Link Checker

Broken links are links that lead nowhere. Clicking on the link will show an error page; "Page not found" or something similar.

Bad for your image, and business! If your links don't work, will your products?

  • Checks both absolute ( and relative (../yourpage.htm) links
  • Checks for broken in-page links (e.g. yourpage.htm#top)
  • Checks for broken links to other pages on your site (e.g. yoursite/yourpage.htm)
  • Checks for broken links to other sites (e.g.
  • Checks for broken images on your page (png, gif, jpg & bmp)
  • Checks for not existing backgrounds for your body and tables
  • Checks for broken images inside HTML forms
  • Checks javascript and style sheets (e.g. yoursite/scripts.js and /style.css)
  • Checks for JavaScript generated links (e.g. write('http://www.go'+''))
  • Provides a preview of each image
  • Provides an 'optimize image' link to reduce the size of gif images on your page

Just type in the url, like, and the tool will tell you which links should be removed from your page!

Note: this may take up to 1 minute!

Broken link finder v1.4 by 1-Hit