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Keyword Suggestion Tool

What is a keyword?

A keyword is a word that describes the contents of your web page.

What is a key phrase?

A keyphrase is a phrase of keywords that describes the contents of your web page.

What is a search phrase?

A search phrase is a phrase that someone types in a search engine to find a web page.

What is the relation between these three terms?

If many people look for a certain key phrase on search engines, you want to describe your services in such a way that your web page is listed high in the search engine listings. You do this by targeting this search phrase on your page. You make it your key phrase since it is your key to this good listing, as well as the key that describes your page in just 2-5 words.

What does this keyword suggestion tool do?

It shows you what search terms people type in search engines while looking for services like yours. You can use its results to create additional key words and key phrases that you didn't think of yet. The result will be that your site can be found for more search phrases.

Isn't that enough talking now?

Yes, let's get on with it.

Keyword or keyword phrase: (e.g. `DVD` or `DVD store`)